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Produced By America's Commercial Real Estate Show Host & Active Broker Michael Bull, CCIM.

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“Awesome material, Michael does a great job portraying different strategies. I recommend these videos to any broker looking to make a positive impact on their business.” - Blake Federinko

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Powerful Video Training For Successful Brokers

Video Descriptions and Previews

Top Ten Success Strategies

Lead instructor Michael Bull, who has closed over $5 billion in transactions, shares the strategies that have made him a consistent top producer for thirty years. This video is Michael’s most popular live presentation. You’ll experience the same business building takeaways audiences rave about in person. Want to be a consistent top producer? Watch this video. PREVIEW

Promoting Your Services and Brand

Powerful video packed with specific methods to become the go-to-broker in your market. As an agent or broker, you are running a business. Properly promoting your brand is imperative. You'll see how Michael has 12,000 connections on LinkedIn, over 14,000 followers on Twitter & is enjoyed by millions on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show. His secret sauce. PREVIEW

Closing the Bid Ask Gap

As a commercial agent, the most important skill to hone to improve your income is closing the bid-ask gap. This is what we do! What if you could get a lot more of the transactions you start across the finish line? In this video Michael shares detailed methods to improve closing ratios. Not coaching theories, proven methods to close more transactions. PREVIEW

Creating Transactions

Business generation can be the most difficult skill to learn in commercial brokerage. Most agents never learn the most efficient methods, discussions and techniques to attract and generate new business. In this video, multi-billion-dollar producer Michael Bull illustrates cutting edge methods currently generating millions of dollars in commission income. PREVIEW

Obtaining Exclusive Listings

List to live. You’ve heard it, you know it, now let’s do it. This video reveals proven methods to secure well priced exclusive assignments, including Michael's million-dollar response to someone saying they will not list with you. They will be asking you for your listing agreement in the same meeting! This video could be the best investment in your career. PREVIEW

Forms and Notices to Earn More Commissions

Utilizing proper processes and forms improves the results for any business. Commercial real estate brokerage is no different. In this one-hour video, 30-year broker veteran Michael Bull shares how to close more transactions, improve efficiency, and reduce transaction risks with forms and notices. Protect your fee. Protect your client. Sleep well at night. PREVIEW

Say This - Not That

This video is a million dollar find for sales people in any business. Michael Bull shares communication skills to significantly improve the results of even the most seasoned brokers. For example, Michael provides an awesome statement to have prospects respect at hello, and how to have parties not only receptive to counter offers, but excited about them! PREVIEW

Prospect to Closing

Knowing who to offer services to, when and how to get the appointment and how to turn prospects into happy closed clients is something that can take years or even decades to perfect, well for most people. But not for you. You have found Michael Bull’s “Prospect to Closing” video. This video will dramatically improve closing ratios and income. PREVIEW

The Four R's of Handling Offers

This video builds awesome skills for handling offers and negotiating transactions. ­In one-hour brokers learn powerful methods to close more deals while garnering the respect of all involved. This video makes negotiating transactions more pleasurable and successful. Handling offers is your time at the plate. Michael Bull helps you knock it out of the park. PREVIEW

Leases to Close More Sales

Leases are the backbone of commercial real estate. Your skills related to leases, and working with tenants, is paramount to your success. This video is very valuable to tenant reps, landlord reps and investment sales brokers. Certified instructor Michael Bull shares valuable LOI, PSA and lease strategies to power your business. PREVIEW

Adding Value for Tenants

As brokers we can add tremendous value for tenants. In this video senior instructor Michael Bull, CCIM shares tips for working with tenants that creates raving fans. Methods to secure assignments, close them and get paid. Insightful methods to work out seemingly deal killing lease issues. This video turns an okay tenant rep - into an excellent tenant rep. PREVIEW

Offers and Contracts

This video will help you get more signatures on contracts! While attorneys should be involved in all contracts, most contested contract issues are business points. Avoid LOI and PSA negotiation mistakes including possession, notices, earnest money, contingencies, time limits, communication, deliverables and estoppel issues. Includes four downloadable forms. PREVIEW

Selling Off Market Properties

This is an exciting way to produce transactions & income quickly. Michael Bull, an active licensed broker in 9 states, who has closed over $5 billion in sales, shares how to handle, present & get paid selling off market properties. Video includes how to tame the wild beast, avoid the worst question agents ask sellers, & his billion-dollar either-or-close. PREVIEW

Understanding & Illustrating Your Value

When agents watch this video, they clearly understand how to illustrate their value to potential & existing clients. It helps brokers secure written commitments & get properly paid. No more low commissions & wasted time. Michael Bull shares the language, the look & the presence that illustrates value, & how to use those skills to get people to business. PREVIEW

Creative Solutions to Closing More Sales

Creativity breeds success. Michael Bull who has closed 1,000's of transactions in all types of markets helps brokers utilize creativity. You will know the right questions to ask to close more transactions. Specific examples are efficiently explained including utilizing notes, credit, leases, seller kickers, buyer adds & advanced 1031 exchange solutions. PREVIEW

Preparing Seller & Property for Successful Disposition

Michael Bull is currently handling over one billion in dispositions. Learn his powerful methods to prepare the seller, property, and the deliverables to close more sales. He shares what you should never say to a seller and his magical way to ascertain if a seller’s expectations are reasonable. Includes his million-dollar phrase to start pricing explanations. PREVIEW

Motivation Leads to Success

The ability to motivate yourself is key to your success. Think about it. Your motivation level changes day to day and week to week. The days you are more positive you just get more done. Successful broker and trainer Michael Bull shares how super star agents adjust their speech, environment and habits to use motivation to build a successful practice. PREVIEW

Adding Value for Sellers

Attracting more buyers, getting buyers to stretch & avoiding appraisal problems are just a few of the techniques to power your business with this video. Michael shares how to get attorneys, buyers agents & even buyers themselves helping you close your seller client’s property for top dollar. Avoid pitfalls, circumvent re-trades & better market properties. PREVIEW

Working with Sellers to Properly Price Listings

This is a skill that makes or breaks commercial agents. In this video renowned broker, speaker & show host Michael Bull CCIM shares incredible methods to persuade sellers & landlords on the benefits of proper pricing. Million-dollar strategies including the phrase that pays, when to hit-the-door & the mistakes most agents make you want to avoid. PREVIEW

Teams That Work

A properly set up team has multiple benefits & can really add to an agent's success. However, leading or being on a team with the wrong members, business plan or agreement can hurt your income & your career. In this video, Michael shares the recipe for teams to thrive. Michael has also created the ultimate team agreement, which is included with this video. PREVIEW

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Michael Bull shares who should consider commercial brokerage, the five buckets of skills to learn to be successful & how to set up a successful practice. In this video, Michael covers a lot information effectively in one hour including marketing, valuation, resources, commission rates, cap rates, qualifying prospects & resources for more information. PREVIEW

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“This is the most valuable tool/resource I've ever purchased. I've used three other programs and found them to be somewhat useful, however, the difference is you can tell that Michael is still active in the CRE game. He isn't hypothecating about how to put deals together based on experience from ten years ago. That makes a HUGE difference in the content relevance.” - Jerry LoCoco

"I have watched 4 of the videos and man are they dynamite! I have been instantly implementing several gold nuggets into how I interact and explain things to clients and negotiate. I re-committed to dressing the part and have had a confidence boost when meeting with people on short notice. I am looking forward to the others and plan to watch each 2-3 times." - Noah Ruggieri

“Awesome material, Michael does a great job at portraying the different strategies used in the Commercial Real Estate industry. I have purchased most of his videos and have learned a tremendous amount that I have implemented in my business right away. I recommend these videos to any real estate broker looking to make a positive impact on their business.” - Blake Federinko

“I met Michael Bull back in early 2000. Training has always been a core focus. These topics have been hand crafted and updated over many years. They are a mixture of his long tenure of experience with top CRE leaders, attorneys and instructors. I highly recommend Michael's training program.” - Frank O'Connor, CCIM

"Michael is an excellent resource for brokerage sales training and overall skills needed for success. I recommend him highly." - David Hacker

"Michael knows commercial real estate better than anyone I've worked with in the past. He's an innovative leader who gets results." - Mike Hill

"I recommend Michael to any agent who is either new to the business or to an experienced agent who is looking to grow their business." - Alison Moss

"Michael Bull is one of the best coaches and trainers in the commercial real estate industry today." - English Pope

" Michael comes with my highest recommendation. I admire him for his creative work and willingness to "give first." You would be doing yourself a favor to align with Michael Bull." - Luis Andrierra Jr.

"I consider Michael one of the best and most innovative commercial real estate professionals in the industry." - Robert Brawner

"Michael is the reason I got into real estate. He has set a high bar for those in the industry - Charles Dawe

"Michael is a consummate professional with a genuine focus on quality, value add, and precision. His reputation is stellar, and his market knowledge and technical abilities are solid." - Todd McKissick

"Seriously it is 11:30 PM here in Arizona and I’m reading through a purchase contract and in it there is a section that requires the seller to provide ALL estoppel certificates. Thank goodness I purchased your “Offers and Contracts” seminar online. I remembered 38 minutes into the seminar you talk about this very item. I represent the Seller and am encouraging him to change this language to protect himself. Freak ‘in spot on phenomenal I’m glad I purchased your seminars!" - Michael Douglas

"RESOURCE Commercial Real Estate is doing all 21 one hour sessions. This is part of our Next Gen initiative. Even our senior brokers are raving about the content. Nicely done Michael!" - Tim Monger

"Michael shaped my career. Michael is one in billion. We can all tell when someone is legit in 2 seconds. His videos will change and shape your life. Good luck! Make money! " - Akiva Fishkind

“The videos are great! So much info/value packed into concise videos. Loving it! Thank you.” Mac

“Just finished say this- not that. Really one of the best communication focused sales training pieces I have been through! Kudos. Very good stuff on rephrasing” -Shane

I ordered your full training coarse. It was $2500....... Too cheap. I have enjoyed it tremendously. Last year I made $1,000,000 in fees. This was year 5 in commercial real estate. Not bad. Even Micheal Jordon had a coach 😎 Thanks again for the good training and mentorship.