Commercial Agent Success Strategies

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Brokerage


Renowned broker, trainer and show host Michael Bull shares who should consider commercial brokerage, the five buckets of skills to learn to be successful, and how set up a successful practice.

In this video, Michael covers a lot information effectively in one hour including business development, marketing, valuation, resources, commissions rates, cap rates, qualifying prospects and resources for success.

  • Incredible entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Traits and timing for success
  • The five buckets of knowledge
  • Service and specialty considerations
  • Business development techniques
  • Valuation methods explained
  • Marketing commercial properties
  • Working with buyers and tenants
  • Required tools, resources and support
  • Important tips to avoid transaction risks
  • Who's right for this business
  • How long it takes to be successful
  • How to pick the right brokerage company 
  • How much commission per transaction
  • A business plan that works
  • How to avoid income lulls 
  • How to create motivation in prospects
  • Easy way to understand & explain cap rates
  • How to become a commercial real estate broker
  • The questions to qualify buyers 
  • Lowdown on cooperation and fee sharing

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