Q. How many times can the videos be viewed?

A. Unlimited. Agents benefit from multiple viewings. If licensing the "sales meeting" version, you can show them multiple times in a live setting for up to twenty years. Print the Slide Deck Action Notes every time for better retention. 

Q: Is the training designed for new agents or experienced agents?

A: The training is designed and most powerful for agents with experience. However the training has proven to be beneficial for agents at all levels. 

Q: Do the individual videos provide effective training or should I get the entire package?

 A: Each video is self contained providing valuable enhanced skills training and techniques individually. But get all 21, together they are pure gold.

Q: Should I watch them or can I benefit by listening while working out or driving?

A: Listening is just as beneficial as watching. Agents like to listen to them repeatedly on the go. Hearing multiple times helps the strategies become more innate. 

Q: How do I know the quality of the training?

A: Brokers report its the best training they have ever seen. See the testimonials on this site. To know more about each video, click each one to see some of the skills enhanced and watch a video preview. Still concerned? See the "try-just-one" guarantee.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Yes, the "try-just-one" new customer guarantee. Pick your first single video. If you don't think the training is absolutely awesome, let us know within 3 days for a full refund! No risk.Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q: Who created the video training?

A: Michael Bull, CCIM. Michael is a successful active broker licensed in nine southeast states, a sought after speaker, and you may have seen him as producer and host of America's Commercial Real Estate Show.

Q: How does Michael Bull have such extensive knowledge?

A: Michael has closed over $7 billion in transactions. He has studied, utilized and perfected strategies for 35 years and has trained brokers to great success for 25 years. See tab "Instructor". 

Q: How can I find where Michael speaks to see him in person?

A: Click “Live Presentations” for the current schedule.

Q: Is Michael Bull available to speak at our conference or event?

A: Possibly, for booking contact CASS.

Q: If the videos or forms are updated, is there a charge for updates?

A: No charge, updates to existing products will not require additional investment.

Q: How long is each video?

A: Run times average 56 minutes. The exact time is listed on each video. The training is delivered expeditiously. You get a tremendous amount of actionable content in each video. 

Q: Can I listen to the training on my commute?

A: Yes, if your phone works, CASS works! You can listen or watch anytime. Login, pick a subject and play. If your limo has Bluetooth, CASS can play through your sound system.

Q: Can I watch the videos on my computer at work, my computer at home, and my phone? 

A: Yes, you can watch or listen from up to three of your personal devices. If your account is accessed from a 4th device, or if you share your password, the account will terminate for license violation. Shared passwords violate federal and international copyright laws.

Q: Can I download the videos to my computer?

A: Everything's in the cloud these days, its just more convenient than downloading and there are no storage, theft or loss issues. The videos are available online anytime. Plus your products have the latest updates with no additional investment. 

Q: How long will my license provide access to the videos, slide decks, calculator and forms?

A: They are available for twenty years.

Q: If the video will not play, what should I do?

A: If you have an internet connection the videos will play. Check your internet connection. 

Q: Can I stream a lower resolution if I have slow internet, or if I’m only listening to the audio?

A: You will not need to, the resolution will adjust automatically to your internet speed. But yes, you can easily adjust the video resolution. There is a "HD" button on the bottom right side of the video screen to the right of volume. Adjust anywhere from high resolution 1080HD down to 360.

Q: How can I get the video to show full screen?

A: Click the "full screen icon" button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Q: How can my Company or Association obtain a discount code for our agents, customers or members?

A: Ask your Company or Association to contact CASS.

Q: Can I show the videos to agents in my office?

A:  Yes, if you license the sales meeting version. If you purchase the individual license it is a violation of federal and international law and your license agreement to show to a group or share the password.

Q: How many times can I view or show the videos?

A: Unlimited.

Q: How do I obtain a sales meeting version?

A: During purchase choose the sales meeting version, not individual license. 

Q: What are the Slide Deck Action Notes?

A: Booklet for each video outlining the key points of the subject matter to make relevant notes to maximize retention of the concepts for your particular practice.

Q: What file type are the Slide Deck Action Notes?

A: They are a PDF file which can be printed in color or black and white.

Q: How can I access the Slide Deck Action Notes PDF?

A: They are included. They will always be available in your account and can be downloaded an unlimited number of times.

Q: Can I share the Slide Deck Action Notes with my agents? 

A: Yes, since you licensed the Sales Meeting version, the Action Notes are included and you can provide copies to your agents to make notes each time you show the video(s).

Q: How can I provide my agents, members or customers with individual license access?

A: Contact CASS to arrange a discount.  

Q: If my password is not working, why might that happen?

A: If your password was shared and/or your account was accessed by more than three IP addresses or other copyright violations are detected, the system will report the violation to CASS and prohibit access. 

Q: I forgot my password or otherwise cannot access the videos.

A: Click "forgot my password". A link will be emailed to reset your password. If the email does not arrive, check your spam folder. If you have an account we will make sure you have access. Call 404-876-1640 x 101 and email us at Info@CommercialAgentSuccess.com. 

Q: What file type are the forms?

A: The forms are Microsoft word, so you can easily edit and personalize them. Check with your broker and legal counsel to approve and/or edit prior to use. The calculator is an Excel file and the Slide Deck Actions Notes are a PDF file.

Q: What is the Income and Activities Calculator?

A: An awesome tool included with the full package or available individually. Enter annual income goal and average net commission per transaction to compute activities and benchmarks. Its easy to adjust ratios and time frames for your particular practice. 

Q: How do I access the Income and Activities Calculator? 

A: It's included when you buy the Full 21 Videos Package or license the Income and Activities Calculator separately. Once licensed you can download it multiple times and the original will always be available at your account on our website.

Q: What file type is the Income and Activities Calculator?

A: Excel

Q: Are the packages of 5 videos or 21 videos different, or the same content as the individual videos?

A: They are the same content as the individual videos, just already bundled for savings and convenience.

Q: Are the forms editable, and what file type are they?

A: Yes the forms are easy to edit. The calculator is an Excel file and the forms are Microsoft word files. The Slide Deck Action Notes are a PDF file and not meant to edit.

Q: Can I download the forms, calculator and Slide Deck Action Notes?

A: Yes. Plus the latest original file will be available in your account on our website.

Q: How much is the shipping cost for the CASS mugs, shirts and hats?

A: The prices include shipping. No additional shipping cost.

Q: What is best way to use the videos with my agents when we license the sales team version?

A: In sales meetings. Once a week or once a month with facilitation afterwards works great. Print the slide deck action notes for the subject video for each agent. Show the video instructing your agents to take notes on how they can utilize the strategies in their particular practice. Share a group discussion afterwards. 

Q: What order should the videos be viewed?

A: Watch “Introduction to Commercial Real Estate” first if agents are new to commercial real estate. If experienced, skip intro video and start with “Top Ten Success Strategies”. After the top ten video the order does not matter, they each stand on their own.

Q: What is the difference in the individual license product vs the sales meeting license product?

A: The product, the videos, are the same. The difference is the allowed use. The individual license is for one person to use, the sales meeting is for a team leader or managing broker to show their agents in a live setting.

Q: What is the cost and discount if we license the full 21 video sales meeting version?

A: The cost per sales meeting video is reduced from $400 each down to $250 each plus you get one extra video, the forms and the calculator all added at no cost. Total $5,000 for the sales meeting license with all the forms and action notes. The full package for individuals is $2,500 and comes with the calculator and all the forms and the slide deck action notes.

Q: How can we license the full sales meeting 21 video package and pay? 

A: Visit this link and pay via credit card. 

Q: My question is not answered here. How can I learn more?

A: We are real people who care about your business and your success. Contact us via Michael@CommercialAgentSuccess.com or call 404-876-1640 x 101.

Broker Reviews:
"Resource CRE is doing all 21 one-hour sessions. This is part of our NextGen initiative. Even our senior brokers are raving about the content. Nicely done Mr. Bull." Tim Monger
"Top ten success strategies really opened my eyes as an agent in my third year. Very straight forward and in depth ideas from a guy who knows what he is doing. These resources are priceless." Justin
"The strategies I learned in the video Closing the Bid Ask Gap helped my communication and helped our team close the gap quicker. I will definitely be watching the other videos, because I know they will help me add value for my customers in the future. Thank you!" Austin Sharp
"This is the most valuable tool/resource I've ever purchased. I've used three other programs and found them to be somewhat useful, however, the difference is you can tell that Michael is still active in the CRE game. He isn't hypothecating about how to put deals together based on experience from ten years ago. That makes a HUGE difference in the content relevance. " Jerry LoCoco