FAQ - Commercial Agent Video Training

Q: Is the training designed for new or experienced agents?
A: The videos are designed for experienced agents. However the proven strategies are extremely valuable for all career levels including new and mid-career agents.

Q: Does each video provide effective training or should I get the entire package? 
A: Each video is self contained providing valuable training and strategies related to that subject. Try one, you'll see. However for extreme success, invest in the full 20 video package. 

Q: How long is each video?
A: Run times average 56 minutes. You get a tremendous amount of actionable content in a short period of time.

Q: Can I listen to the modules in my car?
A: Yes, if your phone works, CASS works! You can listen or watch anywhere, anytime. Login, pick a subject and play. If your limo has Bluetooth, CASS can play through your sound system.

Q: Can I watch the videos on my computer at work, my computer at home, and my phone? 
A: Yes, you can watch or listen from up to three of your personal devices. If your account is accessed from a 4th device, or if you share your password, the account will terminate for license violation. Shared passwords violate federal and international copyright laws.

Q: Can I download the videos to my computer?
A: No silly, everything's in the cloud these days. They are not downloadable. The videos are available for you online anywhere, anytime.

Q: If the video will not play, what should I do?
A: If you have an internet connection the video should play. Check your internet connection and reboot. 

Q: Can I stream a lower resolution video if I have slow internet or if I’m only listening to the audio?
A: The resolution should adjust automatically to your internet speed. Yes, you can easily adjust the video resolution. There is a "HD" button on the bottom right side of the video screen. You can adjust from 360 to 1080HD. 

Q: Who created all this content, the slide decks, the forms and all the strategies?
A: CASS senior instructor Michael Bull, CCIM.

Q: How does Michael Bull know all this stuff?
A: Michael Bull has closed over $5 billion in transactions. He has studied, utilized, perfected, and trained commercial agents for 30 years. See tab "Instructor". 

Q: How can I find where Michael speaks to see him in person?
A: Oh you're smart. Click “Live Presentations” for the current schedule.

Q: Is Michael Bull available to speak at our conference or event?
A: Possibly, for booking contact CASS.

Q: How can I find a discount code?
A: Check with your brokerage firm or real estate association to see if they offer a discount code.

Q: How much of a discount is available with a discount code? 
A: 5 to 10% of the checkout depending on your Company or Association package.

Q: Where do I enter the discount code?
A: At checkout.

Q: How can my Company or Association obtain a discount code for members?
A: Ask your Company or Association representative to contact CASS.

Q: Can I show the videos to agents in my office?
A:  Yes, if you license the sales meeting version. If you purchase the individual license it is a violation of federal and international law and your license agreement to show to a group or share the password.

Q: How do I obtain a sales meeting version?
A: During purchase choose the sales meeting version, not individual license. The sales meeting version also comes with forms and Slide Deck Action Notes.

Q: If I license the sales meeting version, how can I share it with my agents? 
A: You can show the video(s) an unlimited amount of times to your team or agents in a live setting. You cannot share the password and cannot show it online.

Q: What are the Slide Deck Action Notes?
A: Booklet outlining the key points of the subject matter where you can make relevant notes to maximize retention of the concepts of most value to your particular practice.

Q: What file type are the Slide Deck Action Notes?
A: They are a PDF file which can be printed in color or black and white.

Q: How can I access the Slide Deck Action Notes PDF?
A: They are included when you license the Sales Meeting version. They will be available in your account and can be downloaded with unlimited access.

Q: Can I share the Slide Deck Action Notes with my agents? 
A: Yes, since you licensed the Sales Meeting version, the Action Notes are included and you can provide copies to your agents to make notes while they watch the video(s).

Q: How can I provide my agents with individual license access?
A: For each agent to have individual access, they each need their own password. Contact CASS for an Association discount code for your agents

Q: If my password is not working, why might that happen?
A: If your password was shared and/or your account was accessed from multiple ISPs or other copyright violations are detected, the system will report the violation to CASS and prohibit access. 

Q: I forgot my password, what can I do?
A: At "login" click "forgot my password", a link will be emailed to reset your password. If the email does not arrive, check your spam folder. You can also white list Info@CommercialAgentSuccess.com.

Q: How long will my license provide access to the videos?
A: They are expected to be available for well over ten years. However they are guaranteed to be available for at least five years from date of purchase. 

Q: What file type are the forms that come with some of the modules?
A: Microsoft word, so you can easily edit and personalize them. Check with your broker and legal counsel to approve and/or edit prior to use.

Q: What is the Income and Activities Calculator?
A: Awesome tool included with Full 20 Videos Package. Enter net income goal and average commission per transaction to compute activities and benchmarks. Its easy to adjust ratios and time frames for your particular practice. 

Q: How do I buy the Income and Activities Calculator? 
A: It's included when you buy the Full 20 Videos Package

Q: What file type is the Income and Activities Calculator?
A: Excel