Full Video Package
Full Video Package
Full Video Package

Full Video Package

The ultimate training package for success in commercial real estate brokerage. You get all 21 videos, the forms, the activities calculator and the slide deck action notes. Print the slide deck action notes for each video anytime you show them.
This proven training will dramatically enhance skills to secure more business, negotiate more effectively, and close more transactions. Click the individual videos to see the proven skills in each video. This training package will absolutely accelerate your brokerage.

    Individual license limited to one person. To show the video to any size group in a live setting, select the “Sales Meeting” version, which includes Slide Deck Action Notes PDF. Licensee login and password may not be shared.

    You are saving 40% off the single video price with this 21 video package.

    Sample Skills Learned

    • Attract, win & close more assignments
    • Incredible business development strategies 
    • Transaction practices that close more deals
    • Negotiation skills that motivate participants
    • Proven strategies to grow your business
    • What to say, when to say it, and what not to say
    • Methods to get clients to properly price listings
    • Contract & lease intel to close more transactions
    • Million dollar responses to objections
    • Training & tools to create a dream team 
    • Dominate as the go-to broker in your market
    • Includes all CASS template forms
    • Top rated online commercial real estate training

    • Includes Income & Activities Calculator
    • Sales Meeting License includes website badge

    Full 21 video package individual license reduces per video price from $200 down to $119 (40.5% savings)

    Full 21 video package sales meeting license reduces per video price from $400 down to $238 (40.5% savings) 

    Full 21 video package (both individual and sales meeting license) include:

    • Income & Activities Calculator
    • Principal Confidentiality Agreement 
    • Letter of Intent 
    • Contract Timeline Letter 
    • Receipt for Deliverables
    • Team Agreement Template

    Full 21 video package sales meeting license also includes the following: 

    • Slide Deck Action Notes for every video 
    • Full Package Licensee Logo for recruiting
    • Full Package Licensee Display for recruiting

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