Prospect to Closing

    • Turn a higher percentage of prospects into happy closed clients
    • Discover proven practices to improve closing ratios to close more transactions
    • Effectively qualify clients and companies to work with you
    • Identify the best prospects to work with, and how long to work with them
    • How to qualify prospects without them noticing
    • How to ask if someone is the decision maker without offending them
    • Statements that release the pressure to get the appointment
    • Proven questions with the right wording and timing to be more effective
    • The exact way to convince buyers to work with you and protect your fee
    • Closing questions that get people to business
    • The only way you should ask a potential seller about pricing expectations
    • Proper prospective when reviewing deliverables to close more transactions
    • Methods to avoid cancelled contracts and deal killing re-trades
    • How to present a property that needs repairs and get it closed
    • Multiple methods to get higher offers on your listed properties
    • Information you can provide that motivates buyers
    • The biggest mistake to avoid in negotiations that is way to common
    • Methods to keep the attorneys from killing your deals
    • Multiple methods to keep all parties motivated through entire transaction
    • How to properly discuss and utilize back-up contracts to power your business
    • Proven negotiation strategies for LOI's, PSA's and retrades that work 
    • A magical statement to induce written offers and counter offers
    • How offers and contracts can illustrate weakness and strength  
    • Power your buyer interviews with these questions to close more deals
    • Adjusting the way you speak and the words you use to be more effective
    • How to use your attitude and personality to close more transactions

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    This module includes the following template forms:
    Principal Confidentiality Agreement
    Contract Timeline Letter
    Buyer's Receipt for Deliverables