Creating Transactions

  • Create new transaction today you did not know about yesterday
  • Proven ways to get a prospects attention and to work with you
  • Multiple successful business generation methods that work
  • How to reduce or eliminate lulls in your income forever
  • Protecting your fee and getting paid what you're worth
  • Strategies to get people to begin and close transactions
  • Opening benefit statements that get prospects attention
  • Who to call and how to be music to their ears with your service
  • Mistakes to avoid that reduce you ratios or even hurt your business
  • How to get more transactions from proper use of your CRM
  • Questions to qualify motivation, authority and ability of buyers
  • How top producers use "lead charts” to rate and prioritize top opportunities
  • Two daily mission focuses that helps you increase results
  • Methods to stop making cold calls and start making transactions dials
  • Avoid these huge mistakes agents make when starting a conversation
  • Turn emails from industry crap into business generation emails  
  • Old school mailing mistakes to avoid that make you look bad
  • Snail mail letters that ring your phone and generate leads 
  • Business provocative example calls, emails and letters that work
  • The best times to call prospects, why and how to get results
  • A daily habit with a surprisingly low threshold that some, call the trick
  • Time, your most precious commodity, use these time management tips
  • Michael's visualization technique that helps keep prospects on track
  • How to create efficiency, presence and confidence in your practice  
  • How to increase the size of assignments and motivation of clients
  • Ways to find the support for doing the right things that make you money
  • A mindset that will keep you motivated and not relying on hope deals

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