Commercial Agent Success Strategies

Say This - Not That


This video is a million dollar find for sales people in any business. If you’re in commercial real estate, multiply that by TEN!

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show host, Michael Bull shares communication skills to significantly improve the results of even the most seasoned brokers. For example, Michael provides an awesome statement to have a prospects respect at hello, and how to have parties not only receptive to counter offers, but excited about them.

  • The power of language in sales and negotiations
  • The vocabulary of successful commercial agents
  • The words and phrases to get people to business
  • Million dollar responses to objections
  • Words to avoid, even remove from your vocabulary
  • Cool tool to keep conversations on track
  • Powerful questions to determine prospect motivation level
  • Effective way to discuss value and pricing with sellers
  • Words that encourage written negotiations, improving results
  • Get counter offers accepted by discussing them properly
  • Discussions and responses that keep prospects motivated
  • Communication enticing people to be receptive to counters
  • Discussions to get prospects to ask how they can work with you
  • Two lines so prospects know you're the right agent immediately
  • Example opening statements to power calls to prospects
  • Number one question you should never ask a property owner
  • How to improve cooperation & compensation from agents
  • Expert real estate sales training online
  • Best method to discuss with a buyer or tenant to pay your fee
  • How to ask if you are talking to the decision maker, that does not insult

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