Commercial Agent Success Strategies

Teams That Work

A properly set up team has multiple benefits and can really add to an agent's success. However, leading or being on a team with the wrong members, business plan or agreement can hurt your income and your career. In this video, Michael shares the ingredients and recipe for teams to thrive.
Michael has also created the ultimate team agreement, which is included with this video.
  • Why consider creating or joining a team
  • Best timing to join or create your own team
  • The right and wrong team members
  • Mistakes you must avoid related to teams
  • Team business plans that work
  • The number one reason teams are beneficial
  • Aspects of a successful team arrangement
  • Temporary teams to win and close assignments
  • Utilizing your current vendors and support team
  • How to pick a team to join and how to pick team members
  • Absolute most important aspect for team member compatibility
  • The independent contractor team member mistake to avoid
  • When you should bring on your first assistant
  • Michael's favorite team setup for member duties and compensation
  • The perfect team compensation plan
  • Example team member compensation plans
  • Building A Successful Commercial Real Estate Team
  • Proper team communications and schedule
  • Stop, don't be involved in a team without a team agreement (template included) 
  • This video includes the "Agent Team Agreement"

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