Teams That Work

  • Why consider creating or joining a team
  • Best timing to join or create your own team
  • The right and wrong team members
  • Mistakes you must avoid related to teams
  • Team business plans that work
  • The number one reason teams are beneficial
  • Aspects of a successful team arrangement
  • Temporary teams to win and close assignments
  • Utilizing your current vendors and support team
  • How to pick a team to join and how to pick team members
  • Absolute most important aspect for team member compatibility
  • The independent contractor team member mistake to avoid
  • When you should bring on your first assistant
  • Michael's favorite team setup for member duties and compensation
  • The perfect team compensation plan
  • Example team member compensation plans
  • Proper team communications and schedule
  • Stop, don't be involved in a team without a team agreement (template included)

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This video includes a team agreement template form