Commercial Agent Success Strategies

Adding Value for Sellers


Would you like to be known as the best broker in your market to list with?

This video builds skills to sell more commercial properties, land or apartments. Avoid pitfalls, expertly navigate re-trades and better market properties. Superstar broker Michael Bull who has closed over $7 billion in sales, shares the strategies to boost your income and build your career. 

  • Close more assignments building your business faster
  • Multiple ways to attract more motivated buyers 
  • Strategies to help sellers stay on mission to close
  • Techniques to avoid appraisal problems
  • How to get attorneys to help close transactions
  • How to be ready for the big question from the seller
  • Methods to get buyers to stretch and make better offers 
  • Property marketing that adds value for your seller clients
  • Offering memorandums and packages to power business
  • Three areas to check how well property is being marketed
  • The questions to ask buyers to qualify and rate them
  • Questions and discussions for success with buyer agents
  • Seller questions about buyers you must be able to answer
  • Proven offer and counteroffer strategies to close more sales
  • How to keep all party’s emotions appropriate for more success
  • Methods to handle time limits and time lines to improve ratios
  • Ultimate way to net sellers more related to condition of improvements
  • Best practices related to several important tenant issues
  • Important communication examples to close more transactions
  • Top commercial real estate sales tips
  • Avoid this huge mistake when an LOI is fully executed
  • Analogy to share with seller when PSA signed to close more deals

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