Understanding & Illustrating Your Value

  • Understand how valuable you are to clients and customers
  • Get better results from contacts because they understand your value
  • Best practices to be properly paid for your services and time
  • Learn how to utilize your value to power your business
  • Use your value to get people to business quickly
  • How to become the broker you want to become
  • The number one skill to hone for success in commercial brokerage
  • How to exude the look of value and success 
  • Utilizing your marketing to illustrate value
  • The math that guides you to delegate to build your business
  • How to get paid for your advice leading to more business
  • The opening statements that instantly show your value
  • Easy methods to utilize attraction marketing to show value
  • Phone call scripts that work to get attention immediately 
  • Questions that illustrate value and get people to business
  • Mistakes to avoid that devalue you and your firm 
  • When and how to hire an assistant or build a team
  • Utilizing time limits to to get people to value your time
  • Increase your value by investing in training

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