Commercial Real Estate Training Tips

How Your Assignments are Impacting Your Brand


As a commercial real estate agent, the assignments that you accept greatly impact your brand. Choose to work on projects that align with your long term career goals. A prospect looking to sell a ten million dollar investment property is going to want to hire an agent that only works on large investment property deals every day. Consider how the assignments that you accept shape the way potential clients perceive your brand. Learn more at Promoting Your Services and Brand. 


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Top Ten Success Strategies for Commercial Agents

Commercial real estate brokerage is a dynamic field. Incredible success in the business can be achieved by those who assert themselves in the right environment and utilize proven strategies.
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The Best CRM for Commercial Real Estate Agents

What is the best CRM for commercial agents? The best customer relationship management  program to use is, well, the one you will actually use. Several CRM's are set up for the commercial real estate industry and operate from the cloud. 

Consider how you run your business, and choose the CRM that you will utilize most. Remember, prospecting isn't just part of the business, it is the business.

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The Benefits of Being a Commercial REALTOR

Michael Bull, Host of America's Commercial Real Estate Show, attended The National Association of REALTOR's annual conference in Chicago. He had the chance to catch up with Jean Maday, RCE, Director of CRE Development at NAR, to discuss NAR's CRE focus, 1031 protection and advocacy, CRE education and training, technology options, and NAR membership benefits.
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Top 10 Best Practices for 1031 Exchanges

The increased returns from a 1031 exchange can be substantial. For example, if you sold a $1.5 million property with a $500,000 loan and your tax bill is only $150,000...
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