Obtaining Exclusive Listings

List to live. You’ve heard it, you know it, now let’s do it.

In this video Michael Bull, CCIM reveals proven methods to secure well priced exclusive listings. He shares why it’s important to have an auction mentality when negotiating list price, term and commission. Michael shares the million-dollar response to someone saying they will not list with you, that will have them asking you for your listing agreement in the same meeting.

This video will be the best investment in your life, if you watch it.

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Sample Skills Learned

  • Power of exclusive assignments for you and your client
  • A business plan for success to secure listings
  • Creating market presence in your chosen area
  • Becoming the-go-to-broker in your market
  • Conversations that build interest in listing with you
  • Techniques for securing listing appointments
  • Magical responses to overcoming objections
  • Presentations and marketing that wins assignments
  • How to identify and quantify your target market
  • A personal mission statement to power your business
  • Method to build relationships with most beneficial contacts
  • How to look like the best option for property owners
  • Proper contact methods to property owners for best results
  • Voice mail message examples to leave that get response
  • Information for an email newsletter that keeps you top of mind
  • How to respond to market questions that powers listing with you
  • A two line statement to make great impressions on prospects
  • Example approaches with sellers to get meetings
  • Incredible way to ascertain if a sellers expectations are realistic
  • Avoid this number one biggest mistake agents make with potential sellers
  • What you must do before any value analysis for a seller or landlord
  • Proven method to talk about pricing for best results
  • How to turn off-market deals to exclusive listings
  • Mistakes to avoid that keep agents from getting exclusive listings
  • Million dollar listing close when you approached with a buyer requirement
  • Alternative that works better than "telling" a client whats best for them
  • Billion dollar response to, I will talk but I'm not going to list with you
  • Ways to power your listing presentations to win more assignments
  • How to prepare and how to start a listing discussion for best results
  • How to obtain commercial real estate listing agreement with exclusive right to sell

  • The decisions you make before going into a listing meeting
  • Method to secure signed listings before providing price recommendation

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