Promoting Your Services and Brand

This is a powerful video packed with specific methods to become the go-to-broker in your market. As an agent or broker, you are running a business, and you are the brand. Properly promoting your services and brand is imperative to your success.

Michael is known as an expert around the world. He speaks on stages around the country, has over 18,000 connections on LinkedIn, over 15,000 followers on Twitter and is enjoyed by more than a 65,000 people a month on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show. Learn Michael’s secret sauce in this bestselling video.

Individual license limited to one person. To show the video to any size group in a live setting, select the “Sales Meeting” version, which includes Slide Deck Action Notes PDF. Licensee login and password may not be shared.

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Sample Skills Learned

  • Build a successful business that grows every year
  • Become the go-to broker in your chosen area of expertise
  • Make warm calls – not cold calls
  • How to win more assignments
  • Foot in the door techniques that work
  • Have clients ask you for services
  • Become who you want to become
  • Service presentations that work and excite
  • How to write the perfect bio to attract clients
  • Perfect elevator pitch to draw in business
  • Secret to power lunch and coffee meetings 
  • Picking the right events & how to use them to build business 
  • How to create 3 closed deals with 1 exclusive assignment
  • Offering memorandums that build brand & attract business
  • Leveraging your knowledge for attraction marketing
  • Multiple ways to attract business after closing a transaction
  • Commercial real estate marketing strategies top brokers use

  • Social media tips to build a presence in your market
  • Style and look that attracts business 

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