Selling Off Market Properties

While this is no get rich quick scheme, it is a very exciting way to produce transactions quickly.

In this video, Michael Bull, an active licensed broker in nine states, who has closed over $5 billion in sales, shares how to handle, present, and get paid selling off market properties. He shares how to tame the wild beast, avoid the worst question agents ask sellers, and don’t miss his billion-dollar either-or close.

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Sample Skills Learned

  • Create relationships and transactions quickly
  • Sell properties without having to wait for exclusive assignments
  • Put a transaction together today you did not even know about yesterday
  • Illustrate more value to buyers and sellers than current off-market deal
  • Proven techniques to protect your fee on off-market sales
  • How to turn off-market relationships into exclusive assignments
  • Methods to rate and qualify buyers to power your business
  • How to get buyers to protect your fee on off-market opportunities
  • Next step when a buyer will not agree to protect your fee on a off-market offering
  • What to say to property owners that turns them into sellers
  • The question agents ask potential sellers that you should never ask
  • The best way to discover if a seller has reasonable price expectations
  • How to get off-market sellers to agree to commission and price in writing
  • Who you should represent in an open listing arrangement
  • How to tame the wild beast to protect your time and reputation 
  • Expert advice on off market commercial properties

  • An approach that gets off-market buyers to make offers quickly 
  • Michael's magical either-or-close for working with off-market sellers