Commercial Agent Success Strategies



Commercial Real Estate Broker Training

Discounted bundled package of 5 powerful training videos. Descriptions & preview links below.
  • Incredible entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Traits and timing for success
  • The five buckets of knowledge
  • Service and specialty consideration
  • Discover what motivates you personally to obtain more success
  • Implement the power of planning, goals, preparation, attitude and pride
  • Apply motivation principles to power your business
  • Motivate clients and prospects to close more transactions
  • Understand how valuable you are to clients and customers
  • Get better results from contacts because they understand your value
  • Best practices to be properly paid for your services and time
  • Learn how to utilize your value to power your business

  • Become the go-to broker in your chosen area of expertise
  • Make warm calls – not cold calls
  • How to win more assignments
  • Foot in the door techniques that work
  • How to add so much value for tenants they become raving fans
  • Insightful methods to work out seemingly deal killing lease issues
  • Lease clauses important for tenants now and in the future
  • Methods to motivate tenants to exclusively engage your services

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