Commercial Agent Success Strategies

Understanding & Illustrating Your Value


When agents watch this video, they clearly understand how to illustrate their value to potential and existing clients. It helps brokers get written commitments. It helps them get properly paid. No more low commissions or wasted time.

Senior instructor Michael Bull shares the language, the look, the presence that illustrates value, and the skills to get people to business. Includes slide deck action notes PDF.

  • Understand how valuable you are to clients and customers
  • Get better results from contacts because they understand your value
  • Best practices to be properly paid for your services and time
  • Learn how to utilize your value to power your business
  • Use your value to get people to business quickly
  • How to become the broker you want to become
  • The number one skill to hone for success in commercial brokerage
  • How to exude the look of value and success 
  • Utilizing your marketing to illustrate value
  • The math that guides you to delegate to build your business
  • How to get paid for your advice leading to more business
  • The opening statements that instantly show your value
  • Easy methods to utilize attraction marketing to show value
  • Phone call scripts that work to get attention immediately 
  • Questions that illustrate value and get people to business
  • Mistakes to avoid that devalue you and your firm 
  • When and how to hire an assistant or build a team
  • How to earn more commission income
  • Utilizing time limits to to get people to value your time
  • Increase your value by investing in training

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