Commercial Agent Success Strategies

Motivation Leads to Success


One key to doing more business is making people excited, including yourself and your team! License this video to access proven motivation strategies to help you get more transactions closed. Successful broker and trainer Michael Bull shares how superstar agents adjust their speech, environment and skills to grow a successful practice.

License for yourself or the "sales meeting" version for your entire team or company. Get started today with cloud access now!

  • Utilize motivation to get more transactions done in less time
  • Discover what motivates you personally to obtain more success
  • Implement the power of planning, goals, preparation, attitude and pride
  • Apply motivation principles to power your business
  • Motivate clients and prospects to close more transactions
  • The easy button to exciting and motivating people on the phone
  • Energize your environment with this response when asked, how are you
  • Avoid this common greeting that makes people think negative thoughts
  • Greetings that make people want to be around you
  • An agent personal mission statement to power your business
  • The important goal for consistent success
  • How to avoid the downfall of hope deals
  • Habits of the most successful commercial agents
  • Never have lulls in your income again
  • Multiple methods to escape negativity
  • How to be a successful agent in commercial real estate
  • Practice that will build your confidence and excitement 
  • How social media can help your motivation and success

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