Adding Value for Tenants

  • How to add so much value for tenants they become raving fans
  • Insightful methods to work out seemingly deal killing lease issues
  • Lease clauses important for tenants now and in the future
  • Methods to motivate tenants to exclusively engage your services
  • Tenant research and interview issues to provide more value
  • Strategies related to options to renew, expand, contract or purchase
  • Contingencies to protect tenants in lease negotiations
  • Proper use of time limits to keep deals moving and alive
  • The big mistake to avoid related to communicating with tenant
  • How to get tenants attorney cooperating rather than impeding progress
  • Number one landlord negotiation tactic you definitely want to avoid
  • You really don't have an exclusive if this issue in your rep agreement
  • Various methods & issues confirming commissions from landlords
  • Never let guarantees kill a lease again with these creative solutions
  • Methods to protect tenants from rising occupancy costs 
  • Importance of cumulative vs non cumulative caps in leases 
  • How to protect your sub-tenant from original tenant default when subleasing 
  • Pro guide to tenant representation in commercial real estate

  • Mistakes to avoid related to free rent incentives in an LOI or proposal
  • Magical responses for landlord objections to tenant protection clauses

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