Commercial Agent Success Strategies



Commercial Real Estate Broker Training

Discounted bundled package of 5 powerful training videos. Descriptions & preview links below.


  • Power of properly priced listings for your career
  • Benefits of properly priced listings for seller & landlord clients
  • Tools and techniques for success pricing properties
  • Impact of accepting listings over priced to reduce later
  • How to turn off-market deals to exclusive listings
  • Mistakes to avoid that keep agents from getting exclusive listings
  • Million dollar listing close when you approached with a buyer requirement
  • Alternative that works better than "telling" a client whats best for them
  • Get better prices for your seller clients
  • How to prepare a seller to be flexible if needed

  • Communications with sellers for smooth transactions
  • Improve closing ratios to build business & earn more
  • Lease knowledge and techniques to increase your value
  • Concepts to add property value to close more transactions
  • Sell buildings with vacancy for more money and in less time
  • Costly mistakes to avoid related to leases
  • Methods to get buyers to stretch and make better offers 
  • Property marketing that adds value for your seller clients
  • Offering memorandums and packages to power business
  • Three areas to check how well property is being marketed

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