Commercial Agent Success Strategies

Working with Sellers to Properly Price Listings


This is a skill that makes or breaks commercial agents.

In this video attendees learn proven methods to help sellers understand the value of proper pricing. Tools, techniques, examples, resources, and proven methods to overcome objections. This video is a gold mine for agents who sell land, commercial property or apartments. Includes slide deck action notes.

  • Power of properly priced listings for your career
  • Benefits of properly priced listings for seller & landlord clients
  • Tools and techniques for success pricing properties
  • Impact of accepting listings over priced to reduce later
  • Getting sellers to ask you to price their property
  • Effectively discussing pricing with sellers & landlords
  • Specific statements to help clients agree to proper pricing
  • Several common mistakes to avoid that hurt agents business
  • The single worst question agents ask potential sellers 
  • The perfect way to ascertain if a sellers expectations are reasonable 
  • Answer to the question, should potential sellers order an appraisal
  • Proven best method to share pricing recommendations with sellers
  • How to work with sales comps when pricing properties
  • Outside the property considerations when valuing properties
  • Million dollar phrase to start statements with sellers when discussing why their property should be priced less than they think
  • How to get commercial real estate sellers to price their properties correctly
  • Proven strategies to prepare and perform a listing prosentation
  • The first thing you should do if in a sellers office and they sign your listing agreement

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