Working with Sellers to Properly Price Listings

  • Power of properly priced listings for your career
  • Benefits of properly priced listings for seller & landlord clients
  • Tools and techniques for success pricing properties
  • Impact of accepting listings over priced to reduce later
  • Getting sellers to ask you to price their property
  • Effectively discussing pricing with sellers & landlords
  • Specific statements to help clients agree to proper pricing
  • Several common mistakes to avoid that hurt agents business
  • The single worst question agents ask potential sellers 
  • The perfect way to ascertain if a sellers expectations are reasonable 
  • Answer to the question, should potential sellers order an appraisal
  • Proven best method to share pricing recommendations with sellers
  • How to work with sales comps when pricing properties
  • Outside the property considerations when valuing properties
  • Million dollar phrase to start statements with sellers when discussing why their property should be priced less than they think
  • Commercial property pricing guide

  • Proven strategies to prepare and perform a listing prosentation
  • The first thing you should do if in a sellers office and they sign your listing agreement

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