Preparing Seller & Property for Successful Disposition

Senior instructor Michael Bull is an active broker who has successfully sold properties for thirty years. He has listed and sold thousands of properties creating happy clients across the southeast U.S.

We convinced (paid) Michael to share his successful strategies with you.  This video will absolutely help you build skills to list and close more sales. Better serve clients. Close more transactions. Earn more commissions.

Individual license limited to one person. To show the video to any size group in a live setting, select the “Sales Meeting” version, which includes Slide Deck Action Notes PDF. Licensee login and password may not be shared.

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Sample Skills Learned

  • List to live – career enhancing listing techniques
  • Obtaining proper pricing to be a market leader
  • Proven processes for smoother transactions
  • Improve closing ratios to build business & earn more
  • Get better prices for your seller clients
  • How to prepare a seller to be flexible if needed
  • Communications with sellers for smooth transactions
  • How to illustrate to sellers the value of counter offers
  • Career menacing mistakes to avoid
  • Million dollar phrase to begin pricing explanations with sellers
  • What you must never, ever ask a seller
  • Magical way to ascertain if sellers expectations are reasonable
  • Best question to start a listing discussion with a seller
  • The no mistakes listing appointment mentality 
  • Discussing list price with a seller who wants too much
  • Reviewing leases and property information for success
  • Property condition strategies to close more deals
  • How to sell commercial property

  • Winning estoppel and tenant communication 
  • Preparing the property marketing for success  

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