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Sample Skills Learned

  • The power of language in sales and negotiations
  • The vocabulary of successful commercial agents
  • The words and phrases to get people to business
  • Million dollar responses to objections
  • Why consider creating or joining a team
  • Best timing to join or create your own team
  • The right and wrong team members
  • Mistakes you must avoid related to teams
  • Sell properties without having to wait for exclusive assignments
  • Put a transaction together today you did not even know about yesterday

  • Illustrate more value to buyers and sellers than current off-market deal
  • Proven techniques to protect your fee on off-market sales
  • Skills to get the opposing agents and lawyers to cooperate and eager to close
  • How to get your clients to respect you as their adviser
  • Proven methods to get buyers to stretch
  • Negotiation skills to obtain better terms and pricing for your clients