Commercial Agent Success Strategies

Creative Solutions to Closing More Sales


Creativity breeds success. Michael Bull, CCIM is a licensed broker in eight states who has closed over $7 billion in sales.

In this video Michael helps brokers think about creativity, how to ask the right questions to close more transactions.  Specific examples are efficiently explained. Want to close more transactions, earn more commissions, and have clients love you? Watch this video and make notes on the included slide deck action notes.

  • Explore multiple ways to close more transactions
  • Become more valuable to clients
  • Close a higher percentage of sales
  • Skills that turn clients into fans
  • Creativity that adds value and turns one transaction into two commissions
  • Equity sources for user/owner occupants
  • Multiple equity sources for investors
  • Increase demand when selling vacant buildings
  • Seller adds or kickers that get buyers to raise offers
  • Seller carve-outs that allow sellers to agree to lower prices
  • Buyer adds to get a buyer and seller together
  • Methods to close when seller owes more than property is worth
  • Solutions when buyer feels a tenant is not credit worthy
  • Solutions when a buyers feels a tenant wont renew a lease
  • Creative solutions with notes and owner financing
  • How to close sales in commercial real estate
  • Best practices to close more 1031 exchange transactions
  • Seller getting cash while still closing a full 1031 exchange

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