Commercial Real Estate Broker Courses and Agent Training Reviews

One of the key elements to success in any business is continual training. There are always competitors, disrupters and new players entering the market. In the competitive field of commercial brokerage, it’s imperative brokers continually train to win and close business and build a successful practice. 

“I think education is power. One of my goals on the planet is to encourage people to empower themselves“ Oprah Winfrey

The challenge in the commercial real estate industry is the lack of quality training. If you have dealt with CE training, the continuing education training required for licensing, you know the drill. It’s awful.

Therefore, industry participants often resort to mentor training, Unfortunately, mentor training is wrought with challenges. The first challenge being if someone is good enough to be a mentor their business should come from the four Rs, relationships, reputation, repeat and referrals. Because mentors are not doing as much business development, they are not well versed on current best practices for business development, which is a crucial skill for commercial agents. Other challenges of mentor training include:

  • Mentors may not have the financial incentive to develop others.
  • Mentors may be too busy to train agents.
  • Mentors may not want to share their best tips, afraid they could be creating competitors.
  • Mentors are not trained educators, very important when training adults.
  • Agents can pick up methods working for the mentor, that don’t work for other sectors or people.

Seeing the lack of quality agent training when I was 19, I started studying best practices of the top producing commercial agents around the country and I have never stopped researching and perfecting the strategies. During my career I have attempted to watch every training video and read every book I could find. I have met the top commercial agent trainers in the industry. I have had the pleasure of joining trainers on stages around the country. I’ve also had the leading trainers on my national show, America’s Commercial Real Estate Show.

On top of the industry training and studying the practices of top producers, I have taken the CCIM classes and was awarded the designation, taken classes on public speaking, classes on teaching real estate to adults, classes on stand-up comedy, classes on running real estate companies and training on hosting television shows, all to become a better commercial real estate broker.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether 20 or 80, anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young” Henry Ford

This continual training helped me build a successful business including closing over $5 billion in transactions. I’m not sharing my success to brag. I’m sharing it to illustrate that any bright motivated person can become a super star, if the individual has the motivation to apply themselves and invest in their training. My investment in training has continued to help me help others. Now licensed in nine southeast states and with 50 people on my team, I see the benefits of training every day. 

Now it’s time to share the wealth. I have developed 21 approximately one-hour cloud-based videos on key aspects of success for commercial brokers. You can see the titles and previews of the videos at Managing brokers and team leaders license the “sales meeting” version with slide deck action notes and show them to their agents an unlimited number of times. Individual agents license them for personal viewing at reduced costs.

The results have been incredible. Brokers absolutely love these videos.

“This is the most valuable tool/resource I've ever purchased. I've used three other programs and found them to be somewhat useful, however, the difference is you can tell that Michael is still active in the CRE game. He isn't hypothecating about how to put deals together based on experience from ten years ago. That makes a HUGE difference in the content relevance.” Jerry LoCoco

"I have watched 4 of the videos and man are they dynamite! I have been instantly implementing several gold nuggets into how I interact and explain things to clients and negotiate. I re-committed to dressing the part and have had a confidence boost when meeting with people on short notice. I am looking forward to the others and plan to watch each 2-3 times." Noah Ruggieri 

“Awesome material, Michael does a great job at portraying the different strategies used in the Commercial Real Estate industry. I have purchased most of his videos and have learned a tremendous amount that I have implemented in my business right away. I recommend these videos to any real estate broker looking to make a positive impact on their business.” Blake Federinko

Since everyone who sees the videos is crazy about them, we can offer a guarantee. Try just one video and if you don’t think it’s awesome, let us know with three days for a full refund.

While these videos provide the most incredible training available for commercial brokers, if you’re like me, you want to know about all the training out there. Here is a list of my favorite trainers, classes, courses, websites, podcasts, YouTube channels and books.


Trainers / Coaches / Videos / Speakers:

Commercial Agent Success Strategies Michael Bull

The ultimate video training for commercial agents and brokers. CASS lead instructor is a dynamic speaker at commercial real estate events. Coaching is only available for brokers associated with Michael Bull’s regional commercial real estate firm headquartered in Atlanta.

The Massimo Group Rod Santomassimo

A respected commercial agent coaching company. Coaching options for the most experienced brokers to new agents. Rod Santomassimo also speaks at commercial real estate events and has been featured on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

The Lipsey Company Mike Lipsey

The Lipsey Company is a training and consulting firm specializing in the commercial real estate industry. Training programs, available through on-site delivery and online video webinars, are designed to address the challenges facing the industry today, while their consulting services are tailored to the specific needs of each organization and are designed to identify problems, find solutions and assist in the implementation. Mike has been featured on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show. 

Top Dogs in Commercial Real Estate Bob McCombs

Top Dogs video training helps agents fast track their expertise in commercial real estate. This training is perfect for new commercial agents looking to exceed in office project leasing and office tenant rep services. Bob has been featuring on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show.

Commercial Real Estate Online John Highman

John Highman is a commercial real estate coach, speaker and author, based in Australia. John shares his ideas, practical tips, and hands-on experiences across the internet in specialist commercial real estate training websites and coaching solutions devoted to the unique requirements of Commercial and Retail Property Sales, Leasing, and Property Management. 

Advanced Commercial Real Estate Coaching Jim Gillespie

Jim Gillespie does one-on-one coaching and consulting for commercial real estate agents, commercial real estate managers, commercial real estate investors and developers, and the owners of commercial real estate brokerage companies. In addition, Jim hosts live teleconferences where he interviews top commercial real estate brokers, hosts Webinars, and speaks live at commercial real estate industry conferences.

Ralph Spencer

Ralph Spencer, CCIM, SIOR focuses on helping individual associates, managers and owners of commercial real estate companies improve their performance. This is accomplished through consulting, training and eLearning. Ideal client is one who is interested in investing the time and effort, over an extended period, to do the things they need to do to get more of what they want.


Training from Associations: