The Four R's of Handling Offers

  • Build your reputation, referrals, repeat business and relationships through proven best practices for attracting, negotiating and securing signed contracts that close
  • Handling offers is your time at the plate; your batting average. The four R’s, and therefore your income, depend on your skills in the batters box
  • Have everyone involved in offers and transactions respect you, want to refer business to you, and want do more business with you
  • Negotiation skills to obtain better terms and pricing for your clients
  • Proven methods to get buyers to stretch
  • How to get your clients to respect you as their adviser
  • Skills to get the opposing agents and lawyers to cooperate and eager to close
  • When and how you should utilize a call for offers deadline and when you should not
  • How to power negotiations with offer time limits and when to ignore them
  • Methods to handle re-trades to close more transactions
  • A million dollar statement to get written offers from prospects
  • Effective method to get participants excited to receive counter offers
  • Buyer interview questions to improve closing ratios
  • Words to avoid that absolutely hurt your business
  • How to react to and erase the statement, this is my final offer 
  • Methods to generate multiple competing offers on your listings
  • How to manage multiple competing offers on your listings
  • Perfect statement to support sellers value, but get buyer to make an offer
  • Dramatically improve closing ratios saying this with accepted LOI or PSA

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