Closing the Bid Ask Gap

  • Proven methods to close the bid-ask gap between buyers and sellers and landlords and tenants
  • Communication skills and vocabulary to entice prospects to close the gap
  • Winning negotiation techniques to close more transactions
  • Negotiation mistakes to avoid that reduce agents closing ratios
  • Close a much higher percentage of transactions started with these proven strategies
  • Methods to reduce or eliminate re-trading of price, terms and your fee
  • Discussions to entice someone to be receptive, even welcome counter offers
  • Specific discussions to get buyers and tenants to improve offers 
  • Responses to erase the line in the sand, the take or leave it statement
  • Methods to reduce the pressure making it easier to get to an agreement
  • Words and vocabulary that magically help in negotiations 
  • Words and vocabulary to avoid to close a higher percentage of transactions
  • Timing and time limits important to close more transactions
  • Managing expectations to get more transactions from prospect to closing
  • Winning ways to manage and persuade attorneys and opposing agents 

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