Forms and Notices to Earn More Commissions

Utilizing proper processes and forms improves the results of any business. Commercial real estate brokerage is no different. In this one-hour video, 30-year broker veteran Michael Bull shares how to close more transactions, improve efficiency, and reduce transaction risks with forms and notices.

Protect your fee. Protect your client. Sleep well at night.

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Sample Skills Learned

  • Forms and notices for success – value $1M
  • Professional methods and forms to protect your fee
  • Sleep well at night with proper forms and process
  • Protect your clients with proper notifications
  • Utilizing forms to keep transactions moving forward
  • Career menacing mistakes to avoid
  • Reduce transaction risks 
  • Earn more and larger commissions
  • Close a higher percentage of transactions
  • Time management techniques to get more done
  • Proper use of automated extensions in listing forms
  • How to handle listing extension for time property was under contract
  • How to tame the off market seller and form to sign
  • How to keep an off market seller from re-trading price and fee
  • Crucial clause you should have in an open listing
  • Big mistake to avoid when representing tenants
  • How you can get buyer or tenant to pay your fee
  • Only way to be protected if you don't have exclusive with property owner
  • Methods to increase closing ratios and reduce or eliminate re-trades
  • Process that creates repeat and referral business like magic
  • Close more transactions and on time with proper use of timeline letter
  • Collect more fees with a proper "tail" on listings and better notices 
  • Notices related to contingencies that you need to know
  • Commercial real estate form templates

  • The number one big mistake you must avoid related to notices
  • How to get the dreaded T&R form signed and why it benefits you

          This video includes the following template forms:
Principal Confidentiality Agreement 

  • Contract Timeline Letter 
  • Receipt for Deliverables