Commercial Agent Success Strategies

Offers and Contracts


This video will help you get more signatures on LOIs, proposals, leases and contracts! While attorneys should be involved in leases and contracts, many issues are business points. As a broker, you will close more transactions and be more valuable to the parties with these tips and strategies from industry veteran Michael Bull. 

Avoid LOI and PSA contract and negotiation mistakes. Close more transactions with the strategies and training in this informative video. License includes 4 template forms you can modify and slide deck action notes to help viewers retain the strategies.

  • Offers and contract Intel to improve closing ratios and income 
  • Impress everyone that works with you in a transaction
  • Skills when handling offers and contracts to add value for clients
  • Practices to mitigate transaction risks for you, your firm and clients
  • Costly mistakes to avoid with an LOI or contract that hinder progress
  • Methods to help your clients offers get more attention
  • How to get your clients lawyer communicating & working with you 
  • How to "Michael Jordan" the agent representing the other party
  • Mistakes to watch for that could render a contract unenforceable 
  • Proper earnest money procedures agents must be careful about
  • Be sure to pay attention to these items related to contingencies 
  • Important considerations related to proper notice by the parties 
  • Smart utilization of times limits in an LOI, PSA offer or amendment
  • Use of included timeline letter template to close more transactions you start
  • Method to list seller deliverables in contracts that helps close sales
  • How to use included buyers receipt for deliverables template to mitigate risks
  • Proven strategies for contracts with longer time frames 
  • Commercial real estate purchase contract advice
  • Potential negative impact of how contracts refer to tenant estoppel forms 
  • Be aware of these issues related to the all important possession clause 

    This video includes the following template forms
    • Principal Confidentiality Agreement 
    • Contract Timeline Letter 
    • Buyer's Receipt for Deliverables
    • Letter of Intent

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