Prospect to Closing

Knowing who to offer services to, when and how to ask for the appointment, and how to turn prospects into happy closed clients, is something that can take years or even decades to perfect, well for most people. But not for you. You have found Michael Bull’s “Prospect to Closing” video.

This video will dramatically improve your closing ratios and your income.

Individual license limited to one person. To show the video to any size group in a live setting, select the “Sales Meeting” version, which includes Slide Deck Action Notes PDF. Licensee login and password may not be shared.

Save 12.5% to 40% depending on the number of videos licensed at check out. See "Pricing" for details.

Sample Skills Learned

  • Turn a higher percentage of prospects into happy closed clients
  • Discover proven practices to improve closing ratios to close more transactions
  • Effectively qualify clients and companies to work with you
  • Identify the best prospects to work with, and how long to work with them
  • How to qualify prospects without them noticing
  • How to ask if someone is the decision maker without offending them
  • Statements that release the pressure to get the appointment
  • Proven questions with the right wording and timing to be more effective
  • The exact way to convince buyers to work with you and protect your fee
  • Closing questions that get people to business
  • The only way you should ask a potential seller about pricing expectations
  • Proper prospective when reviewing deliverables to close more transactions
  • Methods to avoid cancelled contracts and deal killing re-trades
  • How to present a property that needs repairs and get it closed
  • Multiple methods to get higher offers on your listed properties
  • Information you can provide that motivates buyers
  • The biggest mistake to avoid in negotiations that is way to common
  • Methods to keep the attorneys from killing your deals
  • Multiple methods to keep all parties motivated through entire transaction
  • How to properly discuss and utilize back-up contracts to power your business
  • Proven negotiation strategies for LOI's, PSA's and retrades that work 
  • A magical statement to induce written offers and counter offers
  • How offers and contracts can illustrate weakness and strength  
  • Power your buyer interviews with these questions to close more deals
  • Expert commercial real estate sales training

  • Adjusting the way you speak and the words you use to be more effective
  • How to use your attitude and personality to close more transactions