Closing the Bid Ask Gap

As a commercial agent, the most important skill to hone to improve your income is closing the bid-ask gap. This is what we do. We get parties to agree on price and terms. What if you could get a lot more of the deals you start across the finish line?

In this video, Michael shares detailed methods to improve closing ratios. These are not coaching theories, these are proven methods to get buyers and sellers and landlords and tenants to close transactions.

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Sample Skills Learned

  • Proven methods to close the bid-ask gap between buyers and sellers and landlords and tenants
  • Communication skills and vocabulary to entice prospects to close the gap
  • Winning negotiation techniques to close more transactions
  • Negotiation mistakes to avoid that reduce agents closing ratios
  • Close a much higher percentage of transactions started with these proven strategies
  • Methods to reduce or eliminate re-trading of price, terms and your fee
  • Discussions to entice someone to be receptive, even welcome counter offers
  • Specific discussions to get buyers and tenants to improve offers 
  • Responses to erase the line in the sand, the take or leave it statement
  • Methods to reduce the pressure making it easier to get to an agreement
  • Words and vocabulary that magically help in negotiations 
  • Words and vocabulary to avoid to close a higher percentage of transactions
  • Timing and time limits important to close more transactions
  • Commercial Real Estate Negotiation Skills

  • Managing expectations to get more transactions from prospect to closing
  • Winning ways to manage and persuade attorneys and opposing agents 

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