Selling Off Market Properties

  • Create relationships and transactions quickly
  • Sell properties without having to wait for exclusive assignments
  • Put a transaction together today you did not even know about yesterday
  • Illustrate more value to buyers and sellers than current off-market deal
  • Proven techniques to protect your fee on off-market sales
  • How to turn off-market relationships into exclusive assignments
  • Methods to rate and qualify buyers to power your business
  • How to get buyers to protect your fee on off-market opportunities
  • Next step when a buyer will not agree to protect your fee on a off-market offering
  • What to say to property owners that turns them into sellers
  • The question agents ask potential sellers that you should never ask
  • The best way to discover if a seller has reasonable price expectations
  • How to get off-market sellers to agree to commission and price in writing
  • Who you should represent in an open listing arrangement
  • How to tame the wild beast to protect your time and reputation 
  • An approach that gets off-market buyers to make offers quickly 
  • Michael's magical either-or-close for working with off-market sellers                             

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This module includes a template form to be signed by purchasers to protect your commission on off-market transactions and a template form to be signed by sellers to confirm a price and commission.